DISCO BALLS |   2021

watercolor, acryla- gouache, and ink on paper

In January of 2020, I was commissioned by the Brookline Arts Center to create Shimmer, my first solo public sculpture. The structure’s walls were made of woven, recycled plastic from the BAC and the surrounding community. It was through this project that I become mesmerized with light and the intricacies of color, value and chroma, it’s reflections have.


During the duration of Shimmer’s exhibition, I, along with my cat Cornelia, found ourselves spending most of our time in the same room, day after day (ugh, COVID). I began to notice the amazing color organization—or rather disorganization—of the colored light refracting from the many disco balls I have hanging in my living room/ home studio. Cornelia energetically chased the moving light; needless to say, we were both entertained for hours.


Through this series of disco ball watercolors, I hope to capture, contort and play with the color and light that show up within the mirrors.