COMPANIONS |   2019-2021

found wood | flocking | resin | found plastics | other various materials

Although started before the pandemic, the Companions series took on a life of its own during the isolating time of the COVID-19 crisis. Suddenly cut off from my social networks and communities, I found myself thinking about my sculptures as company. Just like one’s friends, each Companion occupies a different space and serves a unique purpose. In this case, some are for color, some are for texture, and some are just for comfort.


Through a process that balances advance planning with chance, my work acts as a catalyst for regimented chaos. Each Companion is made from a base of flocking and resin. I then combine Plywood and other recycled materials taken from my everyday life—like a 3-dimensional puzzle—to give each sculpture a distinct personality. By juxtaposing the geometry of the plywood and organic fluidity of the resin/flocking mixture, these sculptures end up taking on a life of their own, often unexpected from the start of their conception.