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In your message, please include if you would like a handmade wooden shipping crate as your ring box. They are an extra $75.

Meagan Hepp is a Boston based artist, administrator and educator. They are the Ceramics Technician at the New Arts Center in Newton, MA, where they teach Teen and Parent/Teen Ceramics. Hepp is also the Art Consultant at Cambridge Common and an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk University. They currently serve on the Governing Board of Catalyst Conversations, a non-profit dedicated to the dialogue between art and science. 


Hepp’s soft-curved, biomorphic ceramic forms, The Pet Rocks, are coated in a variety of combinations of colors and textures taken from natural, neon and synthetic inspirations. These unlikely combinations are a nod to both nostalgic references from their 90’s childhood, as well as influences from today’s queer culture. By putting the two together, Hepp is representing the amorphous possibilities of queer abstraction and joy.

Hepp is interested in creating accessible public art including, Rainbowland, a mural commissioned by the Boston Paintbox Program, and other temporary public art including, Pet Rock Pile, which was on view at the Beal's Preserve in Southborough, MA in 2023 and Shimmer, on view at Monmouth Park in Brookline, MA in 2020.  As an artist, Hepp’s most recent solo shows were Pet Rocks at Boston’s City Hall, Play Date: Companions Club at Kingston Gallery and Companions at Shelter in Place Gallery, a miniature gallery created as a solution to the pandemic. The original Shelter in Place Gallery is now on view and owned by the MFA, Boston. Hepp is noted as the 2021-2022 Emerging Artist for Kingston Gallery.


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