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Meagan Hepp is a Boston based artist, administrator and educator. They are the Ceramics Technician at the New Arts Center in Newton, MA, where they teach Teen Ceramics. They are also an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk University. Meagan currently serves on the Governing Board of Catalyst Conversations, a non-profit dedicated to the dialogue between art and science. 


Hepp is best known for their small-scale sculptures made from discarded plywood, found objects, disco ball mirror, and used plastic, juxtaposed with a mixture of flocking and resin, resulting in abstract forms called Companions. These Companions are based on nostalgic pop culture references from Hepp’s childhood. Being cut off from their social networks and communities during the COVID-19 crisis, Hepp started to think of their sculptures as company. Just like one’s friends, each Companion occupies a different space and serves a unique purpose. In this case, some are for color, some are for texture, and some are just for comfort.

Similarly, to the use of late 1990’s and early 2000’s pop culture references, Hepp also uses watercolor to render the 1970's disco ball. This work focuses on the organization—or rather, disorganization—of the colored light reflecting off of the mirrored pieces. In this way, the playful relationship of color, light and texture invigorates the social and physical spaces that the pandemic has denied us, merging Hepp’s aesthetic concerns with their emotional ones. Even though these boundaries are both physical and strict, the same disco ball can become quite fauvist depending on its surrounding environment. The reflected light and color can be constantly in flux, even wild at times, changing with the location, time of day, and the object’s movement. The color that surrounds the disco ball has the potential to influence the mood of the grid that lays beneath, which can be seen as a reflection of the ever-changing world around us.

As an artist, Meagan’s most recent solo shows were Play Date: Companions Club at Kingston Gallery and at Shelter in Place Gallery, a miniature gallery created as a solution to the pandemic. The original Shelter in Place Gallery is now on view and owned by the MFA, Boston. Hepp's first solo public art piece, Shimmer, was on view at Monmouth Park in Brookline, MA in the warmer months of 2020. They are noted as the 2021-2022 Emerging Artist for Kingston Gallery. 


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Please feel free to contact me to purchase completed and commissioned work, or for any gallery   related reasons. 


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