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Image Credit: Zoe Schein

The structures I create explore themes of domesticity and anxiety by cycling through a process of destruction and repair, and landing finally at an unsteady balance between the two. Instead of opposites, these themes are equal bearers of the sculptures’ weight: holding them together not through stability, but rather through the tension between breaking and fixing, harming and healing.

To this end, much of my work cites the symbol of the house but resists its typical associations of security and comfort. Rather, these structures are deteriorating, precarious, and seem constantly on the verge of collapse. Using found and reclaimed wood, I first construct, then repeatedly damage, destroy, and rebuild using materials ranging from the mundane (bandages, string) to the reverential (gold leaf). In this sculptural world, both destruction and healing are painful, messy, and ongoing—standing shakily, yes, but nevertheless standing. 

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