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Elements |  2023

ceramic | glaze | various other materials   

These biomorphic forms draw inspiration from the iconic 1970s "Pet Rock" toy, infusing them with the fluidity of body curves, my personal take on the boundless potential of queer abstraction. Representing the Elements - Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and LeeLoo (a playful nod to cinematic references) - they blend natural elements with vibrant queer culture.


Carved contour lines, resembling topographical maps, adorn their surfaces, accentuating the interplay between convex and concave shapes. These lines serve as a tangible metaphor for the queer experience, navigating the margins of society. Positive and negative spaces harmonize to reveal the form, mirroring the balancing act queer individuals undertake in a society that often marginalizes them.

Much like these sculptures, queer people must adapt to societal structures while striving for authenticity and freedom beyond binary constraints, embodying resilience amidst marginalization.

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